5 Misconceptions about Recruiting Nurses in Germany

recruiting nurses in germany

Recruitment is a major issue for every firm and industry. Hiring new employees requires a competent assessment of skills, social interaction, and education that the companies have to go through.

Similar is the case for recruiting nurses in Germany. The process of hiring is the same as in other domains. However, like other professions, people often have several misconceptions about jobs.

Here are the five common misconceptions about recruiting nurses in Germany:

1.     You Can Be Recruited Without Learning German

“Die Deutsche Sprache ist einfach,” or “The German language is easy,” is the first misconception. People who are of the idea that they can be recruited in any profession in Germany face a lot of trouble.

Under the European Framework of Reference, every domain requires personnel to prove that they have B1 or B2 German proficiency level. It’s not impossible; however, is necessary that you should have proficient command over the language.

For recruiting nurses, it is utmost necessary for the management to ensure language proficiency. Since communication is the key in this profession. You don’t want to risk someone’s life just because you couldn’t make out your sentence in German.

2.      You’ll Face Difficulty If You’re Not German

Discrimination of any kind is unfair and should be mitigated in every way. Keeping this in mind, you must focus on your language skills. People in Germany often discriminate based on if the person isn’t from the locals.

However, if you’re applying for nursing, you must meet the qualifications required. If you’re meeting the said qualifications, and you’ve got proficient command over the language, you’ll be able to make in the choices easily.

3.     Legal Obligations Are Not Necessary

Some may say that we’re heading in a profession that is serving humanity. For that, we don’t need to provide any legal backups. However, applying for nursing in Germany doesn’t consider that.

You need to prove yourself trustworthy even if you’re applying for nursing. For this, you’ll be required to provide a clearance certificate from the police. This can be either from Germany’s local police or from your home country’s police, depending on the recruitment requirements.

4.     Nurses Can Get Sick Too

You’re applying for a job in a healthcare profession and seemingly TTA the personal placement in nursing. If you expect that you can get the job even with bad health, then you’re wrong.

Working in nursing in Germany requires you to have a clearance certificate that you’re in good health. This certificate has to be issued by a German doctor that will verify that you’re physically and mentally fit to working in nursing care.

5.     Low or No Flexibility

Some might say that working in any profession means is to form a cocoon and rest in it for the rest of life. However, even if the domain remains the same, one can always explore options in it.

Nursing care in Germany provides different programs that specialists can use to grow their skills in different sub-domains. They can acquire degrees and specialize in a certain domain of nursing care after getting a basic education. The system is quite flexible.

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