Guide To Stay Alive during Coronavirus Pandemic

coronavirus pandemic

Worldwide Situation

Recently, the world has been facing a very deadly pandemic that has corrupted the world population’s health. The start of this decade saw the deadly Coronavirus taking people’s lives. The pandemic outbreak started in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has spread to the whole world. Corona virus directly attacks the respiratory system of humans. As the virus is contagious, hence the outbreak has impacted the whole world.

Pandemic in Europe

In February, the WHO announced a global health emergency. Following this, the countries of the world started isolating themselves. Canceling the flights, and restricting their citizen to their homes. The situation became deadly for the European countries as they faced the severe lethal impact of the virus. The pandemic has caused the world economy to slow down, and several countries face a grave economic downturn.

Pandemic in the US

The virus reached the US from the citizens returning from china. Initially, the government did not take effective measures to quarantine the people. As the epidemic went unnoticed, it was about a month later that the virus made headlines claiming more Corona virus positive cases than China. Michigan appears the most affected state, while Ohio has a significant amount of surfacing positive cases. The US government has announced the biggest bailout package for its economy as lock-down and quarantine throughout the States have forced the businesses to come to a halt. As the economy slows down, people have started suffering in their homes.

Coronavirus Positive Cases in New York

New York became the fastest state in the US to identify positive Corona virus cases. The state has a considerable population and some of the busiest cities. This is the reason why in a couple of days, the Corona virus positive cases reached record 11000+. As the deadly virus is contagious and any contact, with the affected person, can poses health risks to the person in contact. The symptoms do not develop until 14 days in some cases. Hence the New Yorkers have continued their common routine over the period while the virus was spreading throughout the globe. People did not take serious precautions, and this irresponsibility took a wrong turn in just a matter of days.

Things to keep in mind to protect yourself

The only way to avoid the virus is to keep clean and keep your distance from the people. The world has devised some precautionary measures, i.e. social distancing, which simply means that people will not meet each other. They will not shake hands or hug each other. They should maintain a proper distance from other people to prevent the chances of catching the virus. They should use sanitizers after coming to the home or the office or whenever coming from outside. Disinfecting and sanitizing is very crucial for human life in these perilous times.

Sanitation for citizens of Buffalo, NY

If you live in the area of Buffalo NY, there are a couple of Sanitize Home Services in Buffalo NY, which will sanitize your home. Also, you can avail Sanitize Office services in Buffalo NY to keep your workplace safe and protected. In these undefined times, when contagion is so much deadly, one should not take chances with any such pandemic. Therefore Corona virus sanitation is a must-do thing. This isn’t a luxury where you have a choice to choose. It is a necessity. However, if you do want a choice, then there are only two options available, live in a clean sanitized isolated environment, or rest in peace for eternity.

Protection methodology:

Quarantine is the need of the hour, so here are a few protective actions you have to do in these grave times to ensure your safety.

  • Wash hands for 20 seconds.
  • Use face mask when going out
  • Use gloves when going out for groceries or any essential stuff, otherwise, it is advised to remain quarantined.
  • Use a disinfectant and Sanitize Office in Buffalo NY to ward off any contact with the virus.
  • Sanitize your house regularly. Avail Sanitize Home Services in Buffalo NY if you are in the area.
  • Maintain isolation
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