4 essential features of the headlamp


A headlamp is an essential thing. Especially when you plan for camping with friends, trail running on dark forest routes, or planning BBQ night. Once you are clear where you are going at night, planning long-trip, or any other sport or activity you are doing. After that, you need to think about light. Think twice, what you light will do for you. Afterwards, pick the best one according to your plan. Before buying any light, you need to learn the main features and then make the right decision. In this article, I will tell you about the features that you need to consider. 

1- Brightness/ light Mode

Generally, every flashlight, LED light, or any other lights come with different level of brightness. Keep in mind, whenever you decided to buy a headlamp, it comes with two different light modes: a wide spot and floodlight mode. One more important thing you need to check is beam distance. You must check out how far the light can project.

2- Different beam modes

Due to advance technology, different beam modes are also available that are listed below. It is up to which one you needed.

Red light mode: It is the best for tent use. It does not disturb other people when you viewing stars or wildlife. The most important thing about this mode is it does not cause the pupils in the eye; therefore, you will not lose your night vision.
Other modes of brightness: Some stores offer more brightness options- at a minimum high and low, and somehow in between. 
Flash mode: This light mode incredibly preserves battery life in emergencies.  
Boost mode: It is a zoom mode which provides a high-intensity light.

3- Waterproof headlamp

Keep in mind, waterproof and breathability rating are used to measure a certain level of performance. In the world of the headlamp, they come in IPX rating. IP is indicating “Ingress Protection”. The X shows that there is no dust rating. In this rating system, the lowest one is IPX-0 which means the cover is not water resistible and it also tells that water will damage electronic components. Olight Store offers many headlamps that come with IPX-4 through the IPX-7 range. For your better understanding, IPX-4 indicate that device can resist splashing water from any angle. And IPX-7 tells that device can be water-logged in liquid to three feet depth for thirty minutes. 

4- Power sources

At Olight Store, you will get a variety of power sources that suit to different users. Most headlamps commonly operated on AAA or AA batteries which are easy to replace. Petzl Tikka R+ or the Tikka RXP come with mini-USB recharging option. By this, you can recharge batteries during the trip if you have a solar power source with you. For prolonged life, external battery packs are also available on certain models. 


Headlamp comes with great features that help the user to view clear vision in the dark. Whenever you decided to buy it, be aware of every feature when picking up the one. So, pick wisely. Hopefully, the above-mentioned features help you to make the right pick.     

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