Best Earbuds Options Under $100

Best Earbuds Options Under $100

As much as the world has loved wireless earbuds, there is also no doubt in the fact that not everyone would want to or can spend a lot of money on them. Hence, this then leads us to a budget range of $100 in which the majority of the electronics consumers look out to buy something that should offer them great value for money.

To ease up the process of selection, we decided to review hundreds of wireless earbuds under the price range and came up with the best picks which are based on their own specialties.

1- Airbuds Pro

Although it is a relatively new option in the market but for the time it has been, it has offered its satisfied customers great sound quality all for only $60. TheAirBudsPro come with a design quite similar to the iconic Airpods Pro by Apple and according to our testing with the product, they do offer an experience similar to the premium earbuds that you get from the more popular companies.

Right from active noise cancellation to bass and simple controls, everything is truly spot on if you are looking for earbuds under this price range.

2- Skullcandy Sesh Evo

Starting off with a pair of earphones headphones that are built solid with basic features but they don’t really break your bank.

As the majority of the true wireless earbuds under $75 have shortcomings like signal drop, interference, terrible sound quality, uncomfortable fit, wonky (or absent) controls, and shoddy craftsmanship, this isn’t entirely the case with Sesh Evo.

In fact, these earbuds make sure that you don’t compromise on your enjoyment at all with simple controls, comfortable fit, strong Bluetooth connection, good sound quality, IP55 dust/sweat/water resistance, two-year warranty, and unique earbud-loss replacement program.

To be precise, it outperforms all its competitors with the bass and by not blurring or muffling male voices.

The only thing that is not ideal about these earbuds is that they offer five hours per charge and that means you will have to carry your charge case along through which you can then get 19 additional hours of battery life.

3 – 1More Piston Fit BT

Sometimes all you are looking for is inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds that should get the basic tasks done for you. Hence, if that is your goal then the 1More Piston Fit BT is that one rare pair that not only sounds great and but has other great features too.

The neckband-style design makes the headphones super lightweight and comfortable, and just when that alone is not enough, you get to control everything with one hand. Moreover, the microphone also offers clear sound over phone calls, the Bluetooth connection is relatively stable and on top of it all, you get a battery life of eight hours!

These headphones don’t have the fast-charging option which is the only big drawback. But for the price. It has almost everything that you may need!

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