5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Organic Skincare

organic skincare

Did you know that whatever you apply on your skin is absorbed 60% into your bloodstream? Yes, it is an alarming fact and this includes all the creams, serums, perfumes, and all kinds of makeup that you apply. Your skin is a living and breathing organ of your body and it is no doubt the largest organ of your body too. This means you need to protect is because living things deteriorate with time.

The reason why we explained the nature of skin is because you need to be very careful regarding what you apply to your skin and what you should protect it from. Non-organic skin products which people have been using for ages contain toxins that are not only harmful to your skin but in some cases can also be very harmful to your body. This is why it is high time to switch to organic skincare products to protect your skin from harm.

Here are some reasons why you should switch to organic skincare products:

1.    Stay Away from Harmful Ingredients

As explained above non-organic products are a compilation of some natural and some artificial ingredients which include harmful acids and things that make them last longer. Moreover, these harmful items are also added to these non-organic products to make your skin look good and clear temporarily so that the product may sell more and quickly.

2.    Organic Products Are All Natural

As the term organic suggests, these products are made out of all-natural ingredients. This means no harmful toxins are added to these items which makes them safe and easy to use. Also, they may show their results over a certain period of time; the results are long-lasting and totally harmless. The ingredients used in organic skincare products are also grown organically which means that no chemicals and pesticides were used to grow the plants from which these organic goods were made.

3.    Organic Products Are Non-Allergic

Since there are no harsh chemicals used on organic products, they are less likely to cause any allergic reactions. These also include the chances of inflammation and skin irritations. If in any case, an allergic reaction occurs, it may be due to a natural ingredient like Aloe Vera, or strawberries, or some kind of nuts that can be easily identified and treated.

4.    Organic Skincare Products Work Better

Products with a higher amount of antioxidants are better for your skin in comparison to products that have a lower level of antioxidants. Organic skincare products are made from organic ingredients which naturally contain a high amount of antioxidants. Hence these prove to be great for the skin and leave great impacts in the longer run. Moreover, they are also made from plants that are grown without herbicides, and pesticides which is another plus point for your skin.

In addition to this, around 95% of the contents of an organic skincare product are made out of active ingredients in comparison to the 10% of synthetic skin care products.

5.    They Are Cruelty-Free Skin Care Products

The best part about organic products is that they do not require animal testing for their products. The CEO of an Organic Hair and skincare brand named Hair Energy claims that all her products are made from 100% Natural organic ingredients which can be easily tested on human skin and do not require animal testing. They are not only harmless but also nature friendly.

So next time when you buy an organic product, you should know that you are supporting the cause against animal testing as well.

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