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Commercial Kitchen- From Beginner to Professional

commercial kitchen

Commercial kitchens are designed for manufacture and food safety. Good retrofitting of a commercial kitchen resolves difficulties and rises productivity to make sure that your commercial process is as cost-effective as possible.

Your commercial kitchen supplies must meet a number of clean and safe food handling requirements. If you want to rent a commercial kitchen from a supplier, perhaps in a complex or as a separate unit in the building, there are already public facilities. This means that your gas, electricity and water utilities such as waste disposal and clearance have already been arranged. This is important because it allows kitchen tenants to move in and leave immediately.

Stocking the items

As soon as the restaurant kitchen is planned, it must be equipped with suitable commercial equipment. You can spend a lot of money to pick up big equipment and even buy restaurant dishes, cutlery, and other small items. You can also rent restaurant equipment such as heavy machines.

Food storing

Refrigerators and freezers should be stored separately from cooking appliances so that your refrigerators don’t have to do too much work to keep them cool. Create an energy efficient kitchen to reduce your business costs.


Cooking appliances should also be strategically placed to increase the efficiency of the fume cupboard. When using gas cooking appliances, strict regulations apply to the ventilation and gas safety locking system.

A neglected factor is the space between the devices, especially where the door needs to be opened. It is worth adding the door membrane to your kitchen plan.

Wash the dishes

Wash sinks and dishwashers should be positioned near the storing of plates, glasses and utensils to diminish measure in the kitchen. In addition to preparing the sink, the most important points in the kitchen should always be equipped with special sinks and sinks with soap and hand drying tools.

Restaurant kitchen

Usually customers cannot see the kitchen of the restaurant. Therefore, the renovation of the restaurant kitchen usually focuses on improving efficiency, upgrading the equipment, installing the latest energy-saving lamps and skillfully using commercial space. Most restaurant kitchen decorations pay little attention to aesthetics. Accessibility and efficiency are the focus of the commercial kitchen supplies.

Cooking class / lessons

In kitchen lessons, students typically learn how to cook for commercial businesses such as restaurants. Space is important in cooking classes and class kitchens, as each student needs a separate room to cut vegetables, distribute ingredients, and cook. Lecturers must also leave space in the teaching kitchen to watch students prepare dishes.

Many modern teaching kitchens also use different kitchen appliances and teaching techniques. These tools and techniques give students the opportunity to cook in real restaurants. These technologies may require their own independent storage space.

Work place kitchen

Commercial buildings typically have kitchens that prepare food for employees, and companies often offer employees areas where they can prepare food for themselves. Commercial kitchens of this type require a lot of space for several cooks and usually additional space for different cooking styles.

For commercial kitchens that offer buffets for large cafeterias, space is required to produce enough food for the entire cafeteria room. Over time, a growing company may need to expand its commercial kitchen. In addition, a kitchen designed specifically for employees to prepare their own food can look like a normal eat-in kitchen with attractive cabinets and counters.

Set goals and start basic planning

A lot has to be planned before retail companies can begin with the transformation. Entrepreneurs and owners who want to start the renovation process must first ask themselves why they want to remodel the kitchen and what goals they want to achieve through the renovation. Some common goals that businesses typically want to achieve through commercial transformation are:

Offer employees and visitors a better work environment. This can include expanding commercial space, creating more ergonomic working conditions in the kitchen, adding extra lighting, and moving cabinets to more accessible locations. In order to make commercial kitchens a really good work environment for employees, owners of commercial kitchen supplies are encouraged to study their work processes in the kitchen.

Update devices and tools:

Old appliances and tools reduce the efficiency of the kitchen and use unnecessary electrical energy, which causes the company to lose money.  

Use the resources optimally:

Some companies choose to remodel their commercial kitchens just because they want to get the most out of the commercial space. Good kitchen renovation can enable companies to produce more and better food, serve customers with more or higher incomes, and increase overall profits.

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