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Factors to Consider When Buying a Gas Stove in India (2021)

Gas Stove in india

Once, Human used woods to cook. That time was terrible, whenever they cook, the wood emits smoke. It is unhealthy and it affected their lungs as well. After that, we started to use fuel type stove. It is better than the wooden stove, but the problem is fuel type stove keep an only small quantity of kerosene. Each time you have to refill the stove and the main con is a possibility of fire accident is high.

Now the time is rolled out. Currently, most of the Indian’s kitchen occupied with gas stove only. Gas Stove far better than what we used at the old time. I’m not saying that it’s 100% perfect and doesn’t have any cons. Gas stove have a small percentage of issue. But it can eliminate by your wise decision, how do you choose a gas stove.
After long study, we come up with a set of factors you must consider before buying a gas stove like, the number of burners, steel or glass top, manual or auto ignition, burner material and warranty information. This detailed buying guide helps you to buy the best gas stove.

Number of burners:

Gas stoves come in 4 types based on the number of burners. That is,

  • Single Burner Gas Stove
  • Two Burner Gas Stove
  • Three Burner Gas Stove
  • Four Burner Gas Stove

The best way to choose which type of gas stove suitable for your family is depending on a number of members in your family. Single burner gas stove suits to singles or bachelors. Most of the people believe that durability depends on the number of burners, that’s not true.

Depending on the number of your family members choose the number of burners in the gas stove. Most of the Indian families prefer between 2-3 burners. Most Indian families have 3 – 5 members if your family is one of that, we recommend to go for 2 burners or 3 burners gas stove.2 burner gas stove enough for a small family if not cooking many dishes at the same time.

Four burner gas stove suits to the joint family because they need to cook large quantity at the same time many dishes as well. It reduces cooking time for a joint family. Keep in mind, while increasing burner will increase gas consumption.

Type of Material

Stainless steel gas stoves are mostly used by a greater number of people in India. The reason is glass top gas stove costlier than a stainless steel one. Stainless Steel is lightweight while comparing with glass top gas stove. But the disadvantages of stainless-steel gas stoves are hard to clean stains and easy to get rust in a steamy environment. In that case, Butterfly gas stove come with high-quality stainless-steel body with a robust & firm structure for long term durability

On the other hand, the glass top gas stove is easy to clean and maintain, which adds a stylish look to the kitchen. It is made of glass.so, rust-free material but heavy in weight and have to take extra care.

Size and Material of Burner

Most of the people believe that flame height is the same for all burners, but it doesn’t happen all the time. When you are buying a gas stove clearly read the specifications of the burner size, because burner size changes for each type of the gas stove.
For example, the four-burner gas stove comes with one big, two medium and one small size burner. So, keep in mind this information.

Another factor, you have to consider the type of material used in a burner. There are two types of burners, aluminum alloy burner and brass burner; both are good heat conductors.

Brass Burner vs Aluminum Alloy Burner

Brass Burner Aluminium Alloy Burner
Low melting point High melting point
Fast heat absorption Slower heat absorption compared with aluminium
Doesn’t hold heat for a long time Holds heat for a long time

• From the above differentiation points, you can choose which one suits to you. Cost of brass burner cost little higher than the aluminum burner.

Automatic or Manual ignition

Gas stoves are ignited by two types,

1.Manual ignition

Manual Ignition
Match stick or lighter used to lit the gas stove manually.


At the starting period of gas stove invention, it ignites only by manual method. After some period goes, the gas stove came up with auto-ignition. At present, Auto-ignition feature available in all modern version of the gas stove. It doesn’t require match stick or lighter to ignite. Pre-installed battery-operated igniter generates a spark that automatically switches on the gas stove.

Auto-ignition gas stove is always safer than Manual ignition. The best thing is it can operate manually also.

Warranty & ISI Certification:

Good investment for a gas stove will definitely give the best experience in cooking. The more the number of warranties is, the better the chances, the longer it is going to last and even if something happens wrong – the manufacturer will either replace the product or provide a free service to fix the issue.

Many people fall for the attractive offer, instalment payment, cashback scheme and discount. It’s normal, but if you forgot to check the warranty and ISI certification of the gas stove that leads you to big trouble for repairing and servicing. Warranty saves your repairing cost for specified time duration around 1 – 5 years depends on brand and product.
ISI certificate is mandatory for certain electronic appliances like heater, kitchen appliances, switches, wiring cables etc.; It ensures the safety of using that product. Check the ISI certificate while buying a gas stove.

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