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Success Of IFB In Indian Market: How It Beats All Other Brands

IFB washing machine

There are few brands that are universal; by that, we mean that these brands are extremely popular, and have almost become metonymic with the products they offer. When it comes to consumer electronics, we have brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG among others, which offer extremely impressive appliances and devices, and have been doing so for decades. However, one brand in particular stands out when we talk about washing machines, especially in India.

IFB has been offering washing machine models for more than two decades in the country. As such, it has become a brand that can be trusted, and ensures that the customers’ needs and requirements are taken care of. With a customer-centric approach, along with constant innovation and a penchant for invention, IFB has been able to retain its position as arguably the best washing machine brand in India. While there are other heavy hitters such as Whirlpool, Samsung and LG, IFB washing machines have become synonymous with excellence.

If you do not know much about IFB as a brand, or how it has been able to stay one step ahead of the competition, we give you a few reasons why it has become the best washing machine brand in the country.

Exceptional front-load washing machines

While IFB offers both top-load and front-load washing machines, the brand is more known for its outstanding front-load models. As per the statistics, IFB today occupies around 40 percent of the market share in the front-loading washing machine segment. In comparison, its closest rival in the segment, LG, currently enjoys a market share of 30 percent. IFB washing machines are extremely popular, and the brand offers truly stunning front-loading models.

World-class machines

Whether we talk about fully-automatic washing machines, semi automatic washing machines, front-loading type or top-loading type washers, IFB offers premium world-class models. As previously mentioned, IFB is the undisputed leader in the front-load washing machine category, and is hailed as India’s best washing machine brand by consumers and industry experts alike.

Affordable models

Another reason why IFB has become so popular, is because the brand offers affordable models. Even for the average consumer that does not want to break the bank for a washing machine, IFB offers a model that falls within their budget. At the same time, the brand does not compromise on quality, and ensures that the consumers get the best bang for their buck, which has made IFB the go-to brand for consumers in various price segments.

Excellent features

IFB washing machines also come packed with features, which ensure that you get the perfect wash regardless of the fabrics or the load. For instance, the brand’s front-load washing machines come with features like Aqua Energie and Cradle Wash, while the Crescent Moon drum protects the integrity of your clothes. These washing machines also come with top-of-the-line features like 3D and 4D Wash, thereby giving your clothes the best protection and care possible while making them spotless.


Last but not least, the brand also offers excellent warranties to keep the consumers assured about the washing machine’s durability. In fact, IFB is the only brand to offer four years of 100% “Super Warranty”, and 10 years’ parts support. This has also led to the brand being hailed as the most reliable washing machine brand by consumers — a word-of-mouth promotion that has helped the brand establish its place as the number one washing machine company in the country.

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