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Top Ways to Pull Off Industrial-Style for Your Home

Industrial Furniture Designs

A lot of homeowners today are into modern lifestyle trends with a touch of rustic effect; this is why more of them are going for the industrial style. Industrial style has the combination of sleek modernity and old-world appeal with an organic, lived-in feel to produce the ideal engagement of contrasts. However, some of you may still not understand what industrial style means when it comes to interior designs. When it comes to designing your home with industrial style, how can you make the look work for you without ending up with a heavy-handed theme? 

Most people only know that industrial style usually associates itself with lots of boasting over-sized black metal windows, fresh unfinished wood, and visible bricks. Thus, what makes industrial style interior design seem so feasible today, and how can you boldly pull it off?

In this article, we’ll give you handy tips on how you can master the concept of industrial style in your home and everything you need to know about it. 

Background and History 

Although the origin of industrial style interiors is only limited, it’s mostly assumed that the style developed throughout the early 20th century. When the 2nd industrial revolution ended, the trend towards globalization becomes more evident.

Scores of crucial factories closed and transferred their operations to other countries. This lead to vacant industrial buildings to suffer from neglect, which in turn left behind an unlimited resource of high-quality materials to be abused. 

During the early 90s, the cities have become populated, which resulted in a shortage of residential buildings. A logical solution to it was to transform industrial areas into residential neighborhoods using gentrification. 

So, rather than hiding the untouched charm of industrial buildings, witty architects and homeowners became the first ones to convert industrial style plans in an ongoing trend celebrating bare walls, architectural elements, and the machinery of the building’s origins. 

How to Achieve an Industrial Style Look

Consider these tips so you can successfully achieve that perfect industrial look for your home

Choose a Neutral Colour Palette. Industrial style homes only use bold hues for small details while the rest of large spaces radiate neutral tones. The style depends primarily on combinations of neutral colours to make a clean and minimalist tuneful appearance. For instance, you can use exposed brick, and white tiles for a combination finished with black metal framed glass elements for your industrial-style bathroom. 

Open Plan. The notable feature of an industrial home usually is spacious and work amazingly with the open plan design. To avoid the space from looking exceedingly large and challenging to decorate at, you need to arrange industrial furniture in groupings to split up space. 

Mix Wood and Metal. This is pretty obvious if you want to pull off that industrial look. Just combine old and new materials such as various kind of metal and wood in your entire design to achieve the perfect contrast. For example, you can place an old wooden vanity and a steel-framed mirror in your bathroom. 

Lighting Should be On-Theme. Commonly, industrial style lighting is made of metal and consists of a combination of pendants and lamps. If you’re going to use pendants, they must be low hanging with full shades. Multi-directional floor lamps are also lovely in an industrial style living room as same as reclaimed lighting. 

Opt for Polished Concrete Flooring. Even though wooden floors are the staple for an industrial style, polished concrete is the new, inexpensive option you should consider. 

Emphasize Exposed Pipes. This is probably of the best signature elements of an industrial-style living room, and most people would typically conceal them. But if you want to go entirely industrial, you may go for it. 

Have Industrial Accessories. The answer to getting that industrial look is making it feel like you’re inside a fascinating factory place. You can decorate your home with salvaged factory parts and machinery together with vintage photographs and distressed leather items. 

Sustainability. Having an industrial style is not only a trend because the materials you’ll use can be recycled again and again. Most interior designers would use reclaimed brick to add another dimension to their rooms. The style is not only pleasing to the eye but also has a love for the environment. 

Don’t be Too Extravagant. The industrial style was never showy. It’s because contractors want to get the best bang for their money while producing a functional space. 

Use Of Durable Materials. The best thing about industrial style homes is that they are incredibly durable. Just think about how someone is going to have a difficult time breaking a product made of brick and quality aluminium or iron. These type of products are here to remain, and they seem to earn more character with time. 
Be Simple. The reason why the industrial style has become so popular is that it’s not trying to be anything more than it already is. Industrial furniture usually has well-defined lines and straight expectations.

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