10 Things that tell he’s into you

Things that tell he’s into you

Have you been saying things that aren’t actually supportive of your efforts to make him yours? There are lots of things that say he does love you and yet they can be misleading if you don’t understand them.

He might tell you he loves you one day, but chances are he will just mean it to make you feel better. He may say he does love you because he thinks you’re beautiful, or he says it because he misses being with you. But what are really the signs that he loves you? Is there one specific thing you can be certain of? There are some pretty definitive signs of what he’s feeling deep down inside.

If you want to know what signals he is showing when he loves you, then you should be able to read his body language to tell him that. These are probably the most important signs that he loves you and will really make you feel special, chills running down your spine and giving you butterflies just thinking about them. While you might not have an inkling of how a man truly feels about you, it can often drive you insane because of all the subtle hints he gives you. This makes many women not put much effort into their current relationships so as not to get hurt in the future.

Let’s go through some of the undeniable signals of a man’s love for you:

  • He trusts you: One of the signs he loves you is that he trusts you completely with everything. He tells you he loves you without even having to ask you. He tells you he loves you by giving you his most honest opinion and even advises you on certain things that may concern him. A man does not like to burden himself with false love from somebody else. He wants you to be the one who gives him true love. So when he says he loves you, he truly loves you!
  • He calls you often: When a guy loves you he calls you a lot. You are his number one fan, after his family and friends. You need to give him your number so that you can always stay connected. When a guy is deeply in love, he needs to talk to you and hear what’s going on with you so he can have your support for the future as well. If he’s calling up for no apparent reason at all, he’s got one foot in and one foot out. It’s very possible that he’s not feeling as emotionally connected to you as you do to him. If he’s constantly calling you up, it might mean that he’s still hurting from something or he’s just figuring you out.
  • He makes sure you’re around– A guy who loves you wants you to stay close to him. If he’s going out with other women and neglects you totally then that’s a serious issue. You need to make sure that you’re around, doing your best and supporting him. He may seem like a great guy but deep down he wants you to be around more. If he doesn’t want you around then he’s not feeling the same way about your relationship.
  • He makes good signs with his little things– A guy’s a good sign. The little things he does for you are a good sign that he cares. You should notice little things he does for you to show that he really does care. If you notice that you get a good feeling when you come home from a long day at work or that you feel comfortable in his presence, he’s got your attention. If you get a bad feeling from his actions then he may not care.
  • He talks to you about things– One of the most important signs that he truly loves you is that he opens up to you about his feelings. There is a guy out there who will tell you about everything. A guy who opens up to you about anything feels like he truly loves you. If he’s always talking about his problems and feels like he can’t live without you then he’s hooked. Pay close attention to what he talks about and how he feels about it because this is one of the most revealing signs.
  • He gives you the last bite of his apple– If he’s always trying to get you to spend time with him and if he feels like he can’t live without you then he’s hooked. This guy may seem like he’s into other girls but deep down he wants you to have a life of your own. He wants you to have that free and clear mind where he can be with you whenever he feels like it. He may seem like a great guy to have but deep down he just wants you to be with someone else. When this happens, you’ll know that he really loves you.
  • He adores you – He’s being incredibly romantic and showing it in ways that suggest he adores you. When he tells you that you’re the only woman in the world or that he’s dying to see you, those things that say he does love you are all indications of his desire to connect with you on an intimate level. These desires often come across in his words and in his actions.
  • Shares Emotional bond with you -One of the more subtle but crucial indicators that he does love you is that your relationship is emotional. Emotions are powerful and very visible. You can see how it might impact him when he’s happy and excited about something. You can also sense his intensity of emotion when he’s sad, discouraged, or worried.
  • How he acts towards you – a man has strong feelings for you is how he responds to your love and affection. If you are the type of woman who showers a lot of love and attention upon her husband, it’ll show in the way he interacts with you. If you shower him with lots of love and attention, he’s hooked!
  • Tries to fix things -Sometimes men will try to fix whatever is going on in their lives. This can be anything from losing his job to getting a new one. If he always fixes things so that you feel comfortable around him, he’s showing his love for you by making you feel like a queen.

Do you see any of these things that say he does love you? Most women don’t notice a lot of these signs. Most men are silent when they’re having a bad day. If you know a man who always seems happy and positive around you, he’s hooked. All you have to do is make sure that you stay on his good side.

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