How to Prevent Hair Breakage Using Hair Conditioner

How to Prevent Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is a common problem for many people. This condition can be very stressful and may make you appear unattractive. Fortunately, there are ways to fight this condition and prevent it from coming back.

Use of Hair Conditioner

You can buy a good hair conditioner for your hair and it is much cheaper than buying a new hairstyle. The main difference between a conditioner and a hairstyle is that conditioners are applied to your hair once or twice a week while hairstyles are applied at regular intervals. You will find that conditioners last longer and are less expensive than hairstyles.
Before using a conditioner, make sure that you have taken care of all your other hair care needs. You should wash your hair regularly but in a gentle manner. Otherwise, your conditioner may dry out your hair. Don’t forget to wash your hair with conditioner after shampooing.

How to Use a Hair Conditioner

The first step in applying a conditioner is to massage the conditioner into your hair. Using a comb and a wide tooth comb, comb through the hair and the conditioner until the conditioner is absorbed by the hair shaft. Then pull out the comb and use the small teeth of the comb to smooth the hair before moving on to the next section of hair. Continue until all the hair has been treated.
If you want to use conditioner, you should wash your hair as normal. Just ensure that the conditioner has dried completely before styling your hair. You will then wash it again to remove the conditioner. If you don’t have conditioner, you should buy one from your local drug store or supermarket. Avoid using conditioner straight from the store because this can cause build up on your hair and can leave it dull and lifeless.

What Causes Hair Breakage

If you want to use conditioner daily, follow the same steps as when using it on a weekly basis. Do not wash your hair at night and instead use a conditioner in the morning. Once your hair dries, take it out and style it. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly after you have washed your hair.
You should never use conditioner on your scalp. However, if you are using conditioner on your scalp to protect it from dandruff, you shouldn’t take it off before bed either.
When using conditioner on your hair, you should put it on top of the shower cap and then gently roll it into the hair to distribute the ingredients evenly. Never pull the conditioner out of the container. It is better to leave it in your hair while you are using conditioner.
If you want to use Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery Conditioner more frequently, you should use some form of conditioning spray to help hold the conditioner in place while you style your hair. Conditioning spray can keep the conditioner in place during dry or wet styling.


If you are looking for a way to prevent breakage, you should avoid shampooing. Although shampoo does keep your hair healthy, it can be harsh on your hair. When you use too much shampoo on your hair, you could end up breaking your hair. When you use shampoo, it dries out your hair and leaves it very dry. The most important thing is to use shampoo regularly and only use a small amount. To prevent your hair from getting dry, try to use a detangler. Simply oil your hair before you apply the detangler.
It is a bad thing to brush your hair too hard. The extra force from brushing can cause your hair to break off. Washing your hair every day will also help to avoid breakage.

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