7 Pet-Safe Flowers and Plants for Your Home Decor

7 Pet-Safe Flowers

Are plants and flowers healthy for animals? Just to your surprise, there are still some flowers and pets which don’t get along. As pets are like family; you love them as much as your kids. Just like our toddlers, they could get into stuff they shouldn’t do though. That covers the plants and flowers that are around your home. Kitties especially enjoy licking on leaves and flowers, however, any pet animal can take out a bite from the flowers and plants alike. But, the concern is that many plants are toxic to dogs and cats, while there are as many non-toxic ones as well. So if you really want to spruce up your house with flowers, but still want to keep your pets healthy, then make sure to swear by our list of non-toxic, pet-friendly blooms.


Roses for your pet are usually healthy. Some species can still be found, though to get away –  primrose,  desert rose, Christmas rose, rose bay, and mass rose. You should always look at the thorns because they might hurt your dog or cat if they are getting too close. With its elegance and beauty, the rose is the most favored flower in the world and its universal attraction can be easily interpreted. Here is a piece of happy news that all forms of roses are animal friendly! The roses make the ideal arrangement for your living space with their appealing color and perfectly shaped petals. So roses are also safe as a gift option to someone who owns pets and you can send flowers online at their doorstep without any doubt. Be mindful that when you style your vase of flowers they are a primary flower, as they are built to stand out from the rest and enhance the entire look of your arrangement. 


Orchids, as a widely known houseplant, adds a great deal to any room. They are also relatively easy to care for and look amazing when they glow. And, by all means, your animals are safe from them. If you want to get someone a beautiful plant gift who has a pet cat or dog, just come with a beautiful phalaenopsis orchid. 


This is another lovely flower to add to the list, for the budding gardeners out there. These animal-friendly flowers come in several splendid colors, rose, blue and white.  Moreover, it is also a perfect addition to your backyard since birds, bees and butterflies attract towards them. It is a perfect choice for enthusiasts of animals and nature as well.


This magnificent summer flower beautifies every garden or yard as a beautiful bunch exhibited in a vase. Being the summer emblem, it’s no mystery they are such a common flower. In contrast to most of the other flowers on this list, when eaten, Sunflowers can actually be beneficial, in fact, their leaves and petals can be used to ease phlegm and cough. Besides, their seeds make a delicious snack, and are full of delicious nutrients, perfect for humans and animals alike.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisy is a cheerful flower welcoming to animals and you would love to have them without regret all day long. Gerbera ‘s flowers are iconic and reflect joy, happiness and tidiness in the vivid hues of red, pink, yellow and white. It is commonly used to make bouquets and looks fabulous with the rose combination. All pet-parents can savor this beauty in a magnificent range of colors without any guilt. Probably it is still a good idea to keep your four-legged buddies out of reach, however, if they jump on it, it will not harm them.


Ferns are fantastic plants that are not harmful to cats or dogs, especially the Boston ferns. These plants, big and tiny, will look fantastic for a bit of green in any room of the building. If you are more like a plant lover, then you’ll get your hands on a range of variants.

Lily of the Incas

Lily of Incas, also identified as Alstroemeria or the Peruvian Lily, is non-toxic to dogs and cats, unlike other lilies. We suggest that you keep them high up somewhere that your cat can’t reach them to be extra secure. Nevertheless, you can offer flower delivery online with lily flowers of any variety to a loved one but before that consider they don’t have little animals in their home.

It is always best to keep flowers away from your pets, though you can enjoy those above mentioned pet-friendly flowers at home!

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