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How To Avoid Rental Scams in Dubai?

rental scams in Dubai

Relocating to Dubai might sound like the perfect idea. You have your bags all packed and a lush apartment you found on a property finder waiting for you to shift in it. You get there and see somebody else there and they tell you that this property is their own and they aren’t subletting. You try to call the person you dealt with but they’re nowhere to be found. You’re stranded.

This might sound impossible to believe but this has been the case with a lot of people who’ve been scammed. And if you’re not aware of how to avoid rental scams in Dubai, you could be left stranded too. After looking into many cases and consulting professionals, we’ve come up with ways you can avoid rental scams in Dubai. Let’s take a look at them:


The first thing you need to understand is that you can’t trust online advertisements. Thousands of people see millions of advertisements across various social platforms that claim all sorts of things. The fact of the matter remains that most of these are fake posts designed to attract vulnerable targets. For example, if you’ve been searching for apartments online, chances are that you’ll start getting ads on your feed. Fake advertisers can use that to target you for their next scam.

Only trust advertisements from certified property portals or real estate firms and developers. If someone ever contacts you and asks you to invest in something impromptu, don’t do it. Fake sellers get people to believe that the clock is ticking and if they don’t give the down payment, they’ll lose the opportunity.

Deal with Registered Agents Only:

Whenever you’re consulting a real estate agent in Dubai, make sure that they’re registered. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency is the only governmental agency that can give out certifications for real estate brokers.

It’s legal and completely appropriate for you to ask any agent that presents themselves for their broker ID. Don’t believe it even then. It’s not so hard to forge a fake ID. Check with the DLD portal at and confirm if their name shows up in the registered brokers’ list.

In this way, even if somehow the transaction seems fraudulent, the government will take action against the agent. The government of the emirate is very cautious about frauds committed in the real estate sector. The RERA keeps every real estate broker in check and can hold them responsible for all faulty deals.

Legalize the Tenancy Agreement:

Unless it’s in a legitimate, officially recognized written format, no agreement can hold up in court. Once you’ve negotiated everything to the last drop of detail with your landlord, make sure to bind it in a contract. It’s easy to discuss something and agree to it face to face. It’s completely different to put it in legal terms because once that’s done, it can’t be changed.

To legalize your contract, you have to register the lease with the Dubai Land Department. You will just have to log on to the Ejari website to accomplish this feat. This step is mandatory since it’s a declaration to the state that you’re going to be resident in a particular location. The agreement that is presented before the governmental authority will be the sole reference that is held in court.

Check the Credentials:

Lastly, and most importantly, never make a deal with someone who isn’t authorized to make a deal. This means the person you are getting in touch with is either the owner or a manager authorized by the owner. Furthermore, it’s easy to lie on property listings and many people who commit frauds make use of that.

Ask for the documentation of the property before you begin negotiations. Unless it clearly states that the person in front of you is the authority to negotiate with, don’t proceed. Moreover, if the property appears to have pending debts, you can’t go through with the deal.All in all, make sure that while you’re checking apartments for rent in Dubai, everything is top-notch and perfect.

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