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Want To Use That Extra Space To Earn Money?

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Many of us are blessed with lots of extra space in our houses but we don’t know what to do with it. We often get fed up cleaning all that extra space like bedrooms and storerooms which we don’t even use. So what should one do about all that extra space and the amount of time which is used to keep it clean?

Well, you might be thinking there is nothing to do, we have a better plan for you. A plan through which you can not only make the place functional but also earn a small amount of money with it. Yes, we are talking about renting your extra space as a next-door storage space to someone who needs it.

What is a Space Next Door Storage?

The Space Next Door Storage depends on the concept of one party that needs space and rents it from another party that is willing to provide that space on rent to the former party. This concept is based on utilizing the extra storage space in your homes and providing it to people who need it most.

How Does It work?

Now you may be thinking how does this plan work? How can you find people who require extra space for their stuff and are willing to pay for it?

Use A Social Media Platform

 One way is using social media to announce in different friend circles and groups that you have some space that you want to rent out. But in this case, it will be hard to find quality customers because people may not trust a stranger with their belongings and secondly, your location might be very far away from those who need the space.

Use The Space Next Door Storage App

A more refined and simpler way is to register yourself on the space next door storage app or website. It will not only help you find the right customers for you in no time but is also very safe to use. The beauty of using this platform is that it helps you find people who need space that is near to your home. They have been registered on the website through a proper procedure. This is why their whole data has been saved on the app and they can be trusted to use your space.

It can also help you prevent your space from facing any damages because this platform gives a certain type of insurance. The company checks the records of people who are applying to rent some space from others and makes sure that both parties remain safe while making a deal. 

Short Term Space Rentals

You can also rent your space to people for a certain time and earn money from it. For example, if you are willing to rent your space out for just two months then this platform can help you find a client that is having home renovations and just needs extra space to store his or her belongings for two months to keep them safe from damage. So this way, you get the customer of your choice!

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