Best Movies to Inspire Modern Marketers

inspirational movies for marketers

There was a time when movies were nothing but a source of entertainment for people. They used to watch their favorite shows just to unwind after work and take a break. But things have changed because the movie industry has changed. Now there are movies that can actually inspire people and motivate them. 

Yes, you read that right! If you want to pursue a particular career and want some motivation for it then all you have to do is to head to 123 movies sites list and type in your particular genre. It’s as simple as it sounds!  Speaking of which, today we are here for those who want to become marketers. If as a marketer you want some inspiration then here are the best 4 movies that you must watch right now; 

  • The Social Network

Are you into digital marketing?? If yes then “The Social Network” should be a must-watch for you because this movie has quite a strong script and story. The movie is based on the thought process of the founder of Facebook and it digs deep into the creation of this social media giant. This movie tells that just like any other startup, even Facebook had to go through a bundle of obstacles and it wasn’t an easy journey for the owner. 

  • Pursuit Of Happiness

Not specifically for those who are into marketing but yes, this movie can do wonders to your life and your professional career. The best part is that this movie stars Will Smith which is one of the major reasons why you should watch it at least once. The story of the movie revolves around a poor man who has to earn money to feed his child who he is taking of all alone. One thing that we are sure about is that you’ll end up in tears by the end because just like “The Social Network”, this one also comes with an absolutely amazing story line and script. 

  • Up In The Air

It’s the story of Ryan who works for a consultancy firm for HRs. Ryan has to fly every single day to fire the employees of his clients and he has to keep changing his address for this purpose. Ryan even gives speeches on motivation to people about how they should adopt the same mantra of life, just like him. But then comes this time when Ryan gets into a casual relationship with this flyer and that’s when he faces challenges, emotional experiences and then he starts to question the philosophy of life that he had. Up In The Air is a true example that dedication and hard work can take a man to heights if he just believes in himself. 

  • Steve Jobs

A biographical film on Steve Jobs can be the best thing to watch for some inspiration because let’s admit the fact that this guy is a genius, earning millions and billions on a daily basis. This movie shows all the struggles Jobs had to go through in order to make people believe in his idea, his startup. Not only this but this movie covers literally each and every aspect of how Apple was born and why is there so much hype for Apple products in the market. 

These are some of the best movies that you must watch if you are looking for some real time inspiration. Especially if you are a marketer who wants to learn something new and wants to develop a sense of dedication in himself then yes, you should try these movies right away. 

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