What are the best SEO tips for YouTube?

seo tips for youtube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. In avoid get lost in the sea of video, the best way is to make and publish great videos and them optimize them for search using video SEO practices.

YouTube SEO is the procedure of optimizing your videos, channels and playlists to rank high in YouTube’s organic search results for a given search query. Rather than focusing on traffic source in YouTube analytics, you need to focus on ranking videos in YouTube search and sprinkle a few tips to “double dip” your video rankings in Google search. The main component of YouTube SEO is utilizing the power of video’s text in the form of transcripts, closed captions and subtitles.

We are going to discuss about the best SEO tips for YouTube. With the help of these tips, you can make a solid YouTube SEO strategy.

Add transcript to video description:

Video description is the most effective way for displaying transcript on YouTube. Description includes 4850 characters including spaces. It is mainly enough to fit a transcript for a dialogue-heavy and 10-minute video. You should always add a truncated version of your transcript with a link to the full version on a separate web page. It is a prime script for search engines to crawl and index your video. Your transcript is likely naturally keyword-optimized for your topic.

Some brands are doing really good to outreach your video but some marketers fails to realize transcripts can do so much. When a video has been transcribed then consider taking that transcript SEO by making useful and shareable content. Uses for video transcripts involve:-

  • Info graphics
  • White papers
  • Blogs
  • Fact sheets
  • Website copy

Drop YouTube’s ASR captions and add accurate closed captions:

YouTube transcribes your videos automatically. Although, the captions of YouTube are 70% accurate, which can make for incomprehensible caption. Google rewards is helpful for search results and penalizes spam. It is apt description of most automatic caption files. By uploading captions, you risk being labeled as spam or losing search rank for your whole YouTube channel. To encounter the effects of ASR captions for YouTube SEO, first you need to add accurate closed captions to your YouTube actions. Search engine only crawl text and they never wait for your video. Your video transcript will be full of relevant keywords which indicate what your video is about, so that Google can be crawl your content and rank accordingly. There are some options for adding captions to YouTube videos. YouTube users use the automated transcript as a starting point and clean up errors. The simple solution is to send your videos to a professional video transcription service.

Translate your video transcript and give subtitles in multiple languages:

As English captions  We Will Help you to make your video accessible to your viewers and subtitles in other languages will further increase your audience. YouTube manager will demand for multi-lingual subtitles. Translating captions is really important and it has great demand for opportunity for growth. Foreign language subtitles allow international and non-native English speaking viewers enjoy your videos. Search engines will index your translated caption files and involve your video in search results in those languages. It can be great for YouTube SEO Services.

Add a keyword optimized title, description and tag:

Keyword and keyword phrases should correspond with two things. One is whatever describes your video accurately and other is the words and phrases which users enter in search engines to find content like yours. You must keep in mind that search engines have creased up to keyword-stuffing, the practice of over-using keywords to try to hack the system. To discover what phrases and keywords people are using in search, use YouTube’s free video analytics tool. You just need to loom at keyword variations with less competition so that you can stand out from the crowd. You can make use of Google trends and Google AdWords keyword planner to get a sense of what phrases are more or less popular in search queries.

Use a compelling thumbnail:

YouTubers can select which frame to show as the video thumbnail. It will present 3 screenshots to select from, but you can select a shot of different moment in a video or upload you own image. Always select the right video thumbnail image makes a bug change in click-through rate. Use high-quality and high contrast images which have 16:9 aspect ratio. If you want an image which has a great visual presentation of your target keyword. It will take your presence in search results.

Use the video SEO embed:

as we know that Google prioritized video in search results. The SEO embed injects all your video metadata to the head of your page so that Google can crawl and index your video properly.

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