Top Digital Marketing Trends in Dubai


The current era demands the best digital solutions a company can come up with in order to survive the cut-throat competition. Not only is the market extremely competitive, but it’s also progressing at a rapid pace. If you’re not following the latest strategies and marketing trends, you’ll never make it in the online market.

Considering how all the businesses profiting in the time of COVID-19 are marketing themselves, it’s imperative that you compete. Otherwise, you can watch all your clients turning away to better options that reach them.

To market your business using contemporary digital marketing strategies, let’s take a look at the trending ones:

Social Marketing:

If you think that social media is just a platform for personal leisure, you’re wrong. You need to reach your audiences in all the places that they are engaging in. That means all the social media platforms that are providing opportunities to run campaigns, you need to use them. Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc. are a few examples of famous platforms you can start reaching out through.

Moreover, you need to come up with contemporary strategies to do it as well. You can’t hope to do better than the competition with campaigns that are half as good. Try coming up with smart ideas such as targeted ads and interactive posts. Statistically speaking, you’ll be reaching the greatest number of people on social platforms than anywhere else.


Using more than just generic texts and the same old posters might seem too mundane for the present market. Try going for what the modern millennial deem cool enough to believe. You need to remain in the top trending in order to get the maximum views. The traditional concepts of marketing are being taken over by vlogs and social media influencers & content marketers. If you want to explore your business you must start content marketing that boost your brand organically, you need to start with writing content and publishing on various blogs that allow write for us.

Video Marketing:

A great trending strategy these days is hiring social media influencers. They tell stories and endorse certain brands in their videos. From recognizing the meme cultures and targeting those to reach out to vast audiences, businesses now focus on social cultures. The idea remains the same; to use the most obvious platforms that attract your preferred target audiences and using creative ads to generate leads.

Nowadays, people watch IGTV (Instagram TV) more than the regular T.V. If your business is related to cosmetics, for example, you would need a few social media vloggers. Get them to endorse your brand in front of their followers and you’ll be getting millions of views and shares. That too, with the endorsement from a leading opinion changer in different social cultures.

Interactive Websites:

People always preferred one-pager websites for their online businesses because why not? The maintenance is the easiest and you just display the information on the page for everyone. Except, this is not as effective as having an interactive internet presence that clients can engage with.

Apart from making the website dynamic and mobile-friendly, it needs to be optimized as well. That means you need to follow the latest search engine optimization developments to ensure your rankings. However, even then, you can survey the competition and understand the innovative trends people are following.

A great example of this is the embedding of chat boxes on web pages that allow people to chat with live agents. Even if you’re not always online, you can review and respond to different queries and engage with clients. This encourages more leads and generates sales as well as confidence in your brand.

Moreover, you need to have a website that covers everything related to your industry. For example, interactive websites will have make-up tutorials and blogs with articles on shades of lipsticks, etc. This will make your visitors stay and browse through the information you provide on a regular basis. Not only will this help in generating confidence and sales, but it will also help you retain your presence.

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