Free Sim Card in Germany, My Experience of Getting One

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Can we possibly imagine our lives without a sim card in this day and age? The answer would most probably be no because that little object now has the potential to keep the whole world connected and make our life going smooth. So, if I were to say that half of our lives unintentionally lie in the sim cards – or if hypothetically, I think you would all agree.

Looking at the importance that I have just stated, companies tend to make more sim cards available to the general public. They do so not only because it brings them business eventually but the more connected the world is, the better it is for everyone around us too.

Well, enough of the poetry and let’s just get to the reason why you’re here for – free sim card in Germany.

When I first visited Germany, all I expected was hassles and high costs. However, just like the beer, I thought the experience would still be worth it. The only worry that was really getting onto my mind was regarding getting a decent sim to stay in touch with my friends on the tour or have a way of communication at all times.

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Can you believe it that this was solved when I bought a free sim in Germany? Yes, getting one is absolutely easy and the free sim also comes with varied options depending upon your data, text, and voice requirements.

Besides, that top-ups were also easy and you could recharge your account only by going to a gas station or even any of the grocery stores.

With some of the information listed below, I’m going to give you an overall view of how can you get a free sim card and of course what will that include for you.

Getting a Free Sim Card

free sim cards in germany

When you opt for a free sim card from any of the telecommunication companies, you get your sim that is independent of the two-year contract (which usually is the case in normal scenarios). The only cost that you have to bear, if only you live far is of shipping charges or for choosing the right tariff for your needs. And at the top off everything, according to my personal experience, the rates per minute of calling to on and off networks are also relatively better than going for a contract based sim.

Usually, the free sims also come with some amount of balance to make you comfortable with the network and packages they might be offering, but once it’s over you can always recharge whenever you want and how much you want. No restrictions, whatsoever.

While I also know what you would be thinking next, the speed of the data volume of the free SIM card goes up and down honestly, because after all, they will create the difference somewhere. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Many providers promise you to surf the internet at 21.6 Mb/s, whereas other providers offer 50 Mb/s.

The more popular options for free sims are O2, Vodafone and Netzclub. These companies are trusted for their services nationwide and also offer upfront hand offers.

Disclaimer: The package for free sims can vary from time to time. So the information provided here might become relevant in the future.

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