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Are you confused or curious about whether we can actually track someone? Yes, we can monitor anyone remotely and secretly. There is multiple advance spying software that allows a user to track their loved ones and employees without knowing them. It sounds like hacking but if you are a guardian or owner, the law gives you the right to track your people secretly. 

In this stormy digital era, almost everyone is wrapped up by technology impacts. Parents worry about their kid’s safety, as most crimes occur online. Crimes like harassment, threatening, cyber stalking and hacking as well. Parents can track their children when they go out by lying to them or to do the wrong things.

In the spy market, TheOneSpy is the top-rated spy mobile tracking app that is 100% undetectable and secure. It keeps the user’s privacy and provides real-time information accurately. Let’s look deeply at TOS’s hidden tracking. 

TheOneSpy Mobile Tracking App

TheOneSpy is the more powerful tracking tool that helps parents, employers, and individuals to track their loved ones/ employees silently without knowing them. TOS user-friendly features perform the required functions in real-time and with efficiency. Besides that, TOS has the capability to smoothly run with all Android phone’s models and versions. 

TOS Mobile Tracking App Features

TheOneSpy offers the best protective features which put the user’s worries away by providing exact information with the right time and date. Each feature performs different and unique functions to provide confidential information to the user. Here we will discuss some major spying features of TOS that give it a special edge over others.

Call Logs

With the call log feature, a user can listen to all incoming and outgoing phone calls. It also allows the user to record phone calls on a single click. Users can also block inappropriate phone calls which harm their loved ones/ employees.  

Messages Tracker

It allows the user to track live chats and previous conversations as well. A user can monitor who sends messages and at which time. If any unknown threatens their targeted person, so the user can block that number remotely.

Contacts Tracking

With contact tracker, a user can remotely have a look at all saved and deleted phone numbers on the targeted phone.


It facilitates the user by allowing them to put alarms on restricted areas. So, the user could prevent their person if he/she tries to go there.

Browsing History Tracker

A user can get internet searches history of the targeted person to track all visited sites, downloaded files and bookmarked sites as well.

E-mail reader

With an e-mail reader, a user can track all incoming and outgoing emails on targeted person email. A user can make sure that their targeted person is not sharing any secret file with unknown or nobody is threatening them.

Live 360 Surrounding Recorder

With the surrounding recorder, a user can listen to surrounding conversations going around the targeted phone.

Social Media Apps Monitoring

It helps the user to get remote access to all social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat of the targeted person.

TOS value for money

TheOneSpy powerful tools are not only the reason behind its popularity but also its smart services differ from compatible spying apps. Let’s discuss some major free services that are only offered by TOS which shows how much TOS gives value for money. 

  • TheOneSpy stealth mode features detect all information with 100% silence. 
  • TOS allows users to get user-friendly reports on demand. 
  • TheOneSpy 24/7 help desk provides fine customer support service by answering all queries of visitors and customers with satisfying answers. 
  • TOS site-blocking features add to its value as it makes it easier especially for parents to remotely block harmful sites from kids’ access.
  • TheOneSpy offers special discounts on all plans and packages on the occasion of special events. 
  • TOS offers a 14-days money-back guarantee on all packages. 
  • TOS mighty alarm feature allows users to put alarms on any particular activity to watch activities live.


It turns out that the TheOneSpy mobile tracking app is a complete solution to today’s digital problems. TOS outstanding quality services and features speaks out as millions of people prefer it. Furthermore, TheOneSpy will bring more innovative changes to maintain its leading position in the long run.

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