15 Most Incredible Mosques in UAE

Mosques in UAE

UAE is one of the most beautiful and attractive countries in the world. It is famous all around the globe for having outstanding locations of tourism.  It is a peaceful country that is willing to promote cultural diversity among different nationalities. The most wonderful locations of the UAE include the mosques that undoubtedly become a great attraction for visitors.  Mosques in UAE are made with excellent artistry that increase the interest of the tourist and build up curiosity in them by which they love to explore many other mosques located in UAE. If you love traveling and curious to discover beautiful locations in the UAE, you should visit the following Mosques in the UAE.

Grand Jumeirah Mosque

Grand Jumeirah mosque is te marvelous piece of architecture.  This is the very first mosque that allows non-muslim tourists.  Grand Jumeirah is made with amazingly designed roofs and pillars with a large prayer hall. The outer walls of the mosque are made using smooth white tiles that have beautiful detailing. This mosque is most preferably visited by the tourists who love to attend cultural tours under Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Center. There is no need for reservations for visiting the Grand Jumeirah mosque but visitors have to follow the visiting schedule for a proper tour. You can visit Grand Jumeirah from Saturday to Thursday from 10 am to onward. The administration of this mosque is fully trained and helps you to answer your queries after visiting the mosque.

Al Noor Mosque

Al Noor mosque is one of the beautiful mosques of Sharjah that has the capacity of 2200 people for praying.  The mosque has a separate female section where they can offer their religious obligations.  Al Noor mosque has a resemblance to the classical Turkish Ottoman style of architecture. It looks amazing with the exterior 34 domes that are further divided into semi-domes. If you want to visit the Al Noor mosque, you have to follow the registration process.

Al Farooq Umer bin Al Khattab Mosque and Center

This mosque is designed for 2000 people that can stay in it and offer prayers. The architecture of this mosque is quite a similar blue mosque. The exterior of the mosque is made with beautiful colored tiles that are the result of the hard work of more than 60 Moroccan artists. The tours of this mosque are offered to those visitors only who make prior registration and the timing of this cultural visit is 10:30 am to 4:30 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

Al Badiyah Mosque

This Mosque is one of the oldest Mosques in UAE which is built-in 1446. It was located near the hillside of Fujairah. The uniqueness of this mosque lies in its construction.  The material used in making Al Badiyah mosque is large stones and burnt mud which is further coated with plaster. The beauty of this mosque is its simplicity and the four domes located inside. This Mosque has a space of about 70 people who can offer prayers easily.

Sheikh Zaid Grand Mosque

The Mosque is built with the best material exported from different countries of the world including Germany, Turkey, China, France, Morocco, and many others. This is the biggest mosque in the world that can allow 41000 people for praying and visiting purpose. This mosque is an outstanding place in which 82 domes and 4 minarets are made with white marble decor. The outer pool of the Mosque gives it a brilliant look it is opened from Saturday to Thursday for the visitors and photographers. 

Al Salam Mosque

Al Salam mosque is one of the beautiful mosques of the UAE located near Dubai Mall. The architecture of the Mosque is unique and stylish and it is made using the latest designs and technology. This Mosque has different domes tat are beautifully arranged one after the other to give it an amazing look. The windows of the Mosque are made using stylishly designed glass that enhances its attraction. The administration of the Al Salam Mosque is not allowing non-Muslims to visit but it is most convenient for the people who work in the mall as they can park their vehicles before this outstanding Mosque. 

Abdul Rahman Siddique Mosque

This mosque is the award-winning project that is made on the island of Jumeirah.  This place is very beautiful in appearance and also attract the people due to its uniqueness in design. There is a separate section for ladies where they can offer prayer comfortably. The Mosque has large-sized windows all over the sides that allow sunlight to make it fully bright and also provide aeration to it.

Grand Mosque Bur

This mosque is an inspirational place for the Muslims of the world. There is beautiful calligraphy of Quranic verses that have been done at the entrance of this mosque. The material used in making Grand Mosque Bur is of the best quality which is used in the building by well-known architects.  More than 10000 people can pray in this mosque comfortably. Grand mosque bur is allowing non-muslim visitors to come and see the beauty of this place and learn more about the cultural heritage of the UAE. 

Maryam um e Eesa mosque

This Mosque is built in the capital city of UAE. It is a beautiful piece of architecture and held in the complex of the Christian community where lots of churches are also located. The Mosque is made with beautifully attractive domes that brighten up by white plaster. It has two minarets that give it a versatile appearance.  The administration of Maryam um e Eesa mosque allowed visitors to view the astounding beauty of this mosque.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque

The mosque is also known Al ain mosque. This mosque has a space of more than 6000 people for worshipping purposes. It has a huge dome under which Muslims perform their religious activities.  The mosque is adorned with Qur’anic verses which add beauty and promote religion.  It is opened for visitors in the morning. The 4 beautiful minarets add charm in the beauty of this mosque. These minarets constructions appear attractive to visitors from all around the globe.

King Faisal Mosque

This is another grand Mosque in UAE where more than 12000 people can offer prayer easily. The marvelous building of king Faisal mosque is surrounded by two larger minarets and a central dome. The beauty of the mosque relies on the reading material available in it. It has more than 7000 religious books that help to know more about religious culture. The mosque is subdivided into different sections in which the upper floor is for ladies and the ground floor is for men.

Sharjah Mosque

This is another outstanding mosque that has a large prayer section. The mosque’s parking allows 2200 vehicles to easily stay in it. This is one of the largest mosques that have a separate pathway for non-Muslim visitors. It has the capacity of more than 20000 worshippers that can offer their prayers. Sharjah mosque is another attractive place for tourists all around the globe.

Al Raheem Mosque

This mosque is a beautiful representation of Islamic culture. There is a high tower designed in the mosque for the duties of Imam. The building is beautifully designed using a combination of different materials. It has large-sized windows for ventilation purposes. It can accommodate more than 1500 people for worshipping purposes. The administration allows nonmuslim visitors to see the hard work of well-trained architects.  The title of the mosque is based on the most beautiful Islamic verse which is very respectful for the Muslim community.

Green mosque in UAE

This mosque has an Eco-friendly construction material and it can allow 3500 worshipers to do their religious duties. The mosque is illuminated with green lights that appear wonderful at night. The green lights are the sign of peace and prosperity and also consider as sacred color in the Muslim world. The mosque is located near Dubai’s port Saeed area where its astounding building appears attractive to the visitors. The beauty of the mosque relies on its lighting and its location. So, people from all over the world love to visit this master place.

 Diwan Mosque

Diwan mosque is another famous mosque for travelers who really want to capture the beauty of a masterpiece of art. It is located in Bastakiya. This mosque has beautifully designed minarets that attract visitors all over the world. Diwan Mosque is opened for the non Muslim visitors who are curious to know about Islamic cultures and traditions. The building is also fascinating to the people who are interested in viewing beautiful architecture. 


All the above-mentioned mosques are indeed masterpieces art with the best architecture. These are the best Muslim places to visit in Dubai. Sheikh bin Zayed Mosque is the biggest mosque in the world that is a beautiful place of Islamic culture.  Similarly, different mosques have different uniqueness. If you really want to know about the Islamic culture and tradition, visit these places and visualize the outstanding buildings of Islamic architecture. 

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