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If you are looking for some crazy places to spend your holidays alone or with family, then you should think about exploring the wonderful lands of Iceland. Your seasoned trip can be turned into an adventurous one while travelling to an amazing country of Iceland. The cold atmosphere, icy lands, some stunning scenery and adventurous places would make you visit Iceland again and again. I would recommend you visit Iceland at least once to seek the utmost adventure there. I have been there twice and every time I go there, my heart left in beautiful icy lands.

I would love to share my experience of travelling in my vacations from law essay writing service UK to the most prominent places of Iceland like the Ring Road of Iceland with some spectacular places along the road, the Northern Lights, scuba diving experience in Silfra, the Golden Circle, the Blue Lagoon and other springs in Iceland.  You will not find any place there without adventure and craze. Let’s start our journey from the Ring road.

The Ring Road

The Ring Road is Iceland’s national road that covers the area of above 750 miles. You should start driving through the Ring Road to see some glorious places while travelling for your tour to Iceland.  While travelling on the Ring Road you will come to see several amazing volcanoes, icebergs, geysers, waterfalls and geothermal lagoons.

Do you know about the Northern Lights?

While driving through the Ring Road, you can see the Northern lights. Firstly, I would like to tell you little science behind the Northern lights.

Northern lights are light flames created by sun and earth combine reactions. The sun liberates some sparkles, which then move towards the earth. The sparkles are in the shape of electrons as they move towards the earth’s surface. Earth has a magnetic field shield to protect its atmosphere. The electrons in the shape of sparkles gather at earth atmosphere then segregate at a pole that’s why they can be seen at extreme poles of the earth.

Tips to follow to see the Northern Lights

You can take photos of the Northern lights when you go there to keep them as wonderful memories of your life. You should keep in mind that light pollution may be one thing you should keep away from. You should dim lights of a car or drive through areas of less light while going to watch the Northern Lights. Before going to experience this phenomenon, you should check the weather forecast because if it’s too cloudy, then it would be tough to see the scene. The other thing is that you should always visit Iceland from April to October because only two months are in the whole year when anyone can fully experience the amazing Northern flares in Iceland.

The Golden Circle

It’s one of the most explored tourist attractions. You should start your journey on the ring road with this first place to visit. You will find it a more crowded place than in other places. It’s sometimes scary to watch but adventurous in the end.

National Park Thingvelir

This park is near to the ice land’s parliament and you can visit the trails to walk along these. Besides, you can have a diving experience of scuba in silfra split, which is also here in tectonic plates. Sometimes you can see mammals in parks playing around.


You can see natural geysers at haukdalur to just add to your travelling diary. These are hot boiling geysers runs every day. Boiling water and the smell of hot water would be new for you if you are going for the first time in life. There you can also see volcanoes around the Haukadalur that are mostly visited for natural geysers. 

Black Sand Beach of Reynisfjara

If you are a beach lover and want to visit the world’s most glorious beach, then Black beach sand of Reynisfjara would be an only black beach to must-visit for you. You should take a bath there to feel the serene environment there. Besides, you should take some photos of the amazing atmosphere there. There are some caves, cliffs and sand rocks that would be impressive for you to see.

Gullfoss Waterfall

You want to see rainbows in the waterfall, then it would be fun to see Gullfoss waterfall. A swift river from one side drops into this magnificent waterfall. Meanwhile, the rainbow of thick density appears above the waterfall. You would think to catch the amazing rainbow and I would suggest you take photos here because of some spectacular scenes at the time of the rainbow above the waterfall.

Iceberg Lagoon of Jokulsarlon

Iceberg lagoon of Jokursarlon is getting bigger day by day with ice breaking form other lagoons and collecting into it. One of the craziest and coolest places in Iceland is the iceberg lagoon. Besides these, there is a well-known glacier lagoon, which is also a renowned lagoon. You should probably like to pay a small gaze to this also. 

The Blue Lagoon

The blue lagoon is near the international airport in Iceland. You will find it at the distance of one and a half hours from the centre of the island. It’s a geothermal lagoon of Iceland that you should not miss in any case. Although it’s not a natural geothermal lagoon yet having a bath in lagoon, warm, rich mineral water would be a fantastic bathing experience for you ever. Overall it’s an artificial lagoon made by people with water from water plants.

A few years ago, no one seemed to visit Iceland because of unawareness of travel guidelines and some remarkable places were not known then. Finding a tour guide could be difficult for you; hence you could go there alone or your partner to have full enjoyment of your trip.

 However, Iceland has become a hub of tourists because of flawless destinations places to visit. The tourist season of Iceland runs from April to October, so visiting Iceland in winter would be most substantial for you. People get confused while deciding on the places to visit in Iceland. You can now hire a tour guide or you can know about remarkable places by reading blogs like my blog, which I have written to share my experience of visiting Iceland twice in life. 

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