Europe to lift restrictions on Schengen Travel zone

Europe to lift restrictions on Schengen Travel zone

European countries are easing the lockdown restrictions on tourism places as all countries are agreed on the reopening of the Schengen travel zone till the end of June. Ylva Johansson, the European Union Home Affairs Commissioner, has said through Associated Press that he has strong faith in the restoration of the travel in Schengen area and the rights of citizen’s independent movement in the area by the end of June. Besides, the German interior minister Seehofer has assured the lifting of all border restrictions until the end of June. Some countries like Italy has already allowed cross-border movement from European countries and some other major nations are planning to enable tourists to travel within their states from on June 15.

Although the social or physical distancing and other safety precautions are still essential, yet there is no need of either total restrictions or border control on Schengen Travel zone. It was made public by Johansson.

Why Non-Europeans are not allowed to travel Schengen 

But the foreigners form American and other countries will be permitted to go inside the Schengen area after July it makes me happy and I am planning to take leave from law essay help. As Seehofer has made it clear the intensions of extending the ban on foreign entrance until July. It will not be possible for non-Europeans travellers to enter Schengen before July 1 due to restrictions. The reason why Americans and people from other countries are not allowed until July is the number of increasing patients of coronavirus. As of modern updates, U.S has now more than 2 million cases of coronavirus with 110000 deaths in the country due to virus. It was about three months ago when travelling with European countries was free of cost, but this freehand was cancelled as soon as COVID-19 appeared in China with deadly consequences. Then European Union decided to put control on borders amid coronavirus spread as it was necessary to cancel all movement across European borders to control the spread of the virus. However, after gradual control of virus patients in European countries besides summer holidays, the officials planned to lift restrictions over the free movement of people. It is more likely to restore the passport-free movement inside Schengen amid efforts to promote trade of goods, services to bring economy back which has been poorly affected after the pandemic. 

 Schengen Travel restriction and efforts to lift these

The members of states were active in their efforts to release imposed constraints on the area, but European Union was late in response as much damage was done to the economy of Schengen as told by MEP Tanja Fajon. Civil freedom committee’s officials on Schengen conditions worked hard to cause ease down in situations. The commission has more duties to play an active role in the freedom movements of travellers and should raise voice for cross-borders employees by reopening the cross-borders for them. European coordination is vital for all their parts. 

Which countries are reopening their borders for tourism in Schengen?

Each European country has its targets for restoring the travelling opportunities in their countries as their plans depend on current coronavirus conditions in their regions. France and Germany has voted for June 15 to reopen Schengen beside Austria which is willing to agree on the same date. These countries aiming for same tourism and free travel but maintaining some measure for COVID-19 as officials still have fears of virus spread in their minds if they allow all type of trip.

Spain and Greece Plans for Travel.

Spain is targeting 1st July policy to allow people from across borders to enter in the border area. There are strict rules for foreigners who come in Spain will have to remain in Quarantine for two weeks period, and after July 1 these restrictions will be lifted by the official. The Greek officials are eyeing to reopen the borders for Schengen, the European Union and Israel. It is said to have plans for opening from mid of June or July 1 as they are always looking after the number of corona cases in the country. The difficult situations due to virus are going to decrease down as they will go for full restoring of travel after July month.

Background of Schengen

The 26 European nations signed an agreement to give their region a title as Schengen zone which was closed down due to attack of virus and any exchange and free movement of tourist was banned for previous months. The area has standard visa requirements, and the area is name Schengen in 1885 after the Schengen agreement was taken place between26 European nations. 

Schengen area occupies an area of 4312099 square km. About 420 million people reside in that area. Only now 22 members are long term partners for Schengen area but the other four countries, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus, are said to participate officially soon.   

European Union in the past allowed a new freedom movement for free travelling of people between European countries. It gives the fundamental rights of work, live and travel to netizens within any European country without any special permits. After more than three months of lockdown, now the European Union has finally decided to bring the charms of tourism back after easing the lockdowns in certain areas. Now June 15 is going to be the official day of reopening ceremony of Schengen tourism zone for people of the European Union. 

The territories which are not part of Schengen and European Union

Unfortunately, for other countries, this good news will be coming after July 1 when the European Union will permit their entrance to Schengen without any further hindrances. There are two regions of Schengen participants that are excluded from the official agreement of Schengen. The outside areas of European territory are not sections of the Schengen zone. These two parts Faroe Islands and Svalbard are not considered part of Schengen. The Faroe Islands and green land have Danish regions which are neither sections of European Union or Schengen Agreement. These areas require special visas for traveling and tourism activities.

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