Everest Base Camp – One Of The Highest Peak Of The World


Situated in the lap of the world’s most noteworthy mountain Mount Everest ( at an elevation of 8848 m), Everest Base Camp is one of the most voyaged and troublesome treks on the planet. At an elevation of 5,364 m above ocean level, Everest Base Camp happened to be a devoted trekker’s pleasure. The climate isn’t steady and is continually changing there according to the hour. 

After arriving at the Everest Base Camp, you can see Mount Everest from its nearest point. 

More than one lakh mountain-darlings do this trek. Here is clear advice to you for if you want to do successfully this trek you must book this trail from a reputed tour operator because this is not easy just like a trekking trail. In any case, just a couple of individuals realize that Everest Base Camp is inside the Sagarmatha National Park, which is in the rundown of UNESCO world legacy locales. 

District Nepal 

  • Height 29,035 feet 
  • Separation km 
  • Time taken-10 to 15 days (relies upon your speed) 
  • Evaluation Difficult
  • Age run 15 to 60 years old
  • Best time to visit-April to June and September to mid November 
  • Beginning stage Lukla 

Best time to do the trek- 

Presently it is up to you. Everest Base Camp will be pleased to welcome whenever of the year. In any case, the greatest months to do this trek are considered from April to June (Pre storm) and September to mid November (Post rainstorm), when downpour doesn’t make the path tricky and the snow doesn’t begin to settle. 

Trouble level- 

Well for an ardent trekker, it is a moderate to troublesome trek yet for a customary individual it would be an amazingly troublesome trek. With a height of 29,035 feet above ocean level, Everest Base Camp is the significant feature of an enthusiastic trekker’s profession. 

In spite of the fact that trekking has nothing to do with mountaineering or rock ascending, it is simply one more word we use for strolling in the mountains. Obviously, trekking in the Everest Base Camp is very difficult however commendable. As on the path, you may confront numerous challenges like tricky ways, lopsided path, land sliding and it may bring intermittent tumble like contorting your lower leg or much more dreadful. To abstain from falling and wounds identified with trekking, on the off chance that you are doing practices and can walk 10 to 12 km in the fields on a solitary day, at that point you can make it. Be that as it may, do counsel your primary care physician before doing it. 

Instructions to reach there- 

Lukla is the base purpose of Everest Base Camp, driving you through the Khumbu valley to the Everest Base Camp. 

You have to get an open vehicle (transport) or contract a taxi/taxi from Kathmandu to reach Lukla. Kathmandu is very much associated with significant urban communities of India. So can reach Kathmandu via train, air or transport. 

To reach Lukla you can likewise take off from Kathmandu. 

Things to convey 

The whole excursion of Everest Base Camp regularly goes on for 12 to 15 days, out of which you will go through 2 to 4 days on high height, where you probably won’t get perfect water or legitimate nourishment. Furthermore, cold is agonizing on the high height. In this way, pack your knapsack with all the essential things. 

  • Crunching things like chips, chikki and stuffed nourishment (dry organic products, chocolates) which goes on for in any event fourteen days 
  • Water bottles
  • Plastic sack To keep the wastage and store your filthy clothing 
  • Camping bed or tent-You can obtain these things from Kathmandu or Lukla 
  • Climbing shoes-Water safe and light gauged 
  • Shoes and Slippers-As an extra 
  • Socks and gloves (2-3 sets) 
  • Winter coat 
  • Climbing pants, base jeans and shirts Warm and agreeable 
  • Body wipes-Showers are limits. Wipes will help you a great deal with regards to cleaning 
  • Hand wipes 
  • Money it’s generally significant, as you won’t get any ATM on the slope 
  • Trekking shafts 
  • Water purging tablets-On your way up there, you won’t get spotless water to drink, so water refinement tablets will help you in that 
  • Camera-To catch the snapshots of the outing 
  • Spotlight with additional batteries 
  • Emergency treatment pack (counting bandages) 


  • Try not to ridicule the neighborhood conventions and societies. Regard them 
  • Adhere to your group chief’s guidelines and keep in close with your gathering 
  • In case you’re voyaging solo, be cognizant constantly. Furthermore, at whatever point you get telephone signal, advise your family 
  • Try not to stroll in an obscure way. You may get lost and couldn’t discover the route back 
  • Drink no liquor it gets dried out your body 
  • Try not to smoke. It worries you without you knowing 
  • Counsel your primary care physician before you begin trekking, to know whether you are an impeccable fit for the trek or not.

This is all about the Everest Base Camp.

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