8 Ways to Boost Productivity as You Work From Home Amidst Lockdown

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Since December 2019, the CoronaVirus outbreak has been a threat to every human being. At first, it affected China and now all countries are getting affected by it. The World Health Organization has announced it as a pandemic and mentioned some strict guidelines.

According to the WHO guidelines, every business, organization, school, and shopping area should be closed to maintain social distancing. This is why many businesses and offices have asked their employees to work from home to run the services.

The lockdown measures should be obeyed at any cost and due to this, all organizations have to implement the work from home option. For most businesses and offices, a work from home option is a good opportunity to run the service and save lives simultaneously.

It is important not to consider work from home options as paid leave. If productivity falls, then companies may not run smoothly. As such, many employees may lose their jobs in the future. This is why it is very important to know how you can give 100% productivity as you work from home amidst lockdown. 

Here you go:

1.  Make sure you get an ideal work area in your house

The first thing that you should be very careful about is creating an ideal workspace in your house. The workspace should be conducive to working from home. For example, a place which is away from all the distractions like television, refrigerator, or bed.

However, if you live in a small house, then you should be very mindful of our work so that you can stay calm amidst all the distractions. Try to set up a proper desk and ergonomic work chair to avoid backache. Working on the sofa with your laptop can aggravate pain in your body and soon you can lose all the focus toward your work. Also, try to keep your desk clean and tidy and have a wall or background that suits a video call if necessary.

2. Try to be technology savvy

To boost your work productivity, you need to know the technology available for a work from home option. You need to use Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, or similar apps for group meetings or video conferences. You also need to learn about project management tools to finish various assignments. You can get help from the IT department in your office for setting up a VPN is required.

3. Remember time is the key

Working from home as a full-time worker can be difficult for you. Thus, you need to prepare yourself mentally. Accept the fact that you have to work full time from home. However, that doesn’t mean you need to break your usual routine. So, you need to fix the time first. Do things that you do in your regular work life. Get fresh at the usual time and after that get dressed and fix a time when you need to be logged in to start your office work. When you start working, make sure you’re sitting at a table to ensure you have good posture with no distractions. Try to act as if you are in the office and you can’t break the office protocol.

You can do some of your household work during your lunch break. 

4. Make a routine

Creating a routine is very crucial to make quarantine time tolerable. Remember, you have to resist the urge to snooze. Keep time for physical activity or something positive like cooking. Somewhere down the line, you can also try to save money for your business. For instance, you could try to reduce your utility bills. Moreover, eat healthy food and remain hydrated by drinking lots of water.

5.  Plan your office work

Plan your work in advance. If your boss assigns work every day, then it is okay. But, if you need to manage the workflow, then you have to plan your work before you start the day. Try to create a task list or target sheet and give yourself a deadline so that you can complete the work for sure.

You have to be ready for your project schedule including extra time, unforeseen work calls, and new tasks received from your manager. Also, try to finish your work before taking a break. Do not switch between tasks. Do not be triggered by other work be it as household work or anything.

6. Coordinate when necessary

The key to achieving results at work from home lies in proper coordination. You need to make your team and manager know that you are available and you’re working from home sincerely. Thus, prefer to coordinate with your colleagues through conference calls, video chats, and finish your assigned work as fast as possible. You can ask for regular performance evaluations from your manager and get adequate face time as well.

7. Think from a different angle 

We all know that the CoronaVirus pandemic has affected the global economy, so we need to be responsible for our duty to the organization we work for. This will help to add value to our organizations, teams, and suppliers. Try to be a responsible employee and give your best. Think about what you would do if you were an entrepreneur to overcome this kind of situation.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset can help you to boost your productivity and find our survival strategy as well.

8. Once office work is done, get back to your regular life

Don’t overstretch your office work. Once your office time is over, you should get back to your regular life to relax. Sit comfortably on a sofa. Don’t stay at your “office desk” once your work is done. Set aside your laptop and headphones. Get into casual clothes and try to be fully involved in your regular household chores.

Lastly, don’t think you can be super-productive from day one. Work From home results can be slow but as the days pass by, you can be more efficient and productive. You will start meeting the targets once you have settled down. It is also recommended to crack the toughest tasks in the morning and calls in the afternoon. You can also set a certain time for a particular work to be finished.

If you’re one of those people who’re staying alone at home, then you can feel isolated. Thus, you can participate in non-work related calls and chat after you have finished your assigned tasks. Also, get connected with your relatives and friends to feel rejuvenated.  


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