Step By Step Guide On How To Come Up With a Product Photography Budget

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Product photography is an effective way to showcase your products and attract a customer’s eye. Most customers make purchase decisions based on what they see in product images. Professional-quality pictures have a good ROI as they are more likely to convert prospective customers than DIY images. Unfortunately, many businesses are intimidated by product photography pricing and try the DIY option first. You can get professional-quality services and save some money by preparing the right budget. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Check Local Product Photography Pricing 

The cost of professional product photography can range from one location to another. For example, NYC studios are likely to charge more than Tampa Bay studios. It is a good idea to look into the average product photography pricing carefully. In most cases, you can find the information easily online. Even knowing the statewide costs can help you make an informed decision regarding your budget. 

Always pick a local studio instead of seeking out cheaper establishments farther away. You’ll still have to deal with shipment costs, which will add to your overall expenses while increasing the chances of damage. You may end up paying more by choosing a seemingly affordable option. 

2. Request Quotes from Multiple Studios 

Finding the average product photography pricing in the area is a good first step. It helps you establish a baseline and tells you what to expect. The next step is to get quotes from multiple studios and compare the estimates. Most studios willingly offer free quotes on request so all you need to do is fill out their form, provide some basic details about the project, and get the estimate. 

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Experts recommend getting quotes from around three to four vendors for the best results. Compare the estimates and determine which one offers the best value. Don’t pick the most affordable option because that can do more harm than good. Look at what each studio offers and make sure there are no hidden costs. 

3. Discuss What’s Included in The Quote 

Most studios provide very straightforward quotes and explain all expenses involved. However, if the quotes you receive are vague or confusing, don’t hesitate to contact the studio directly for some assistance. They will be happy to offer some clarity on the costs and explain every aspect of the quote. 

You can ask them questions, negotiate on certain parts of product photography pricing, and request recommendations from experienced professionals. 

4. Product Photography Pricing You Can Afford to Pay

Before working on a budget, consider what you can afford to pay. Fortunately, professional product photography is a one-time expense so you just need to make sure you have enough funds to cover all of your products before hiring the photographer. That’s very straightforward if you only have around 10-15 products but can easily become complicated if you have over a hundred. 

Most studios will offer steep discounts on bulk orders because they save them time and money. Weigh the pros and cons of getting all pictures at once or getting a set number of products done once at a time to spread out the costs over a few months. Both options have their advantages but only one of them can fit your current financial priorities. 

5. Cost Per Image 

The cost per image breakdown gives clients a better idea of the expenses involved. You can divide the number of finalized images you get by the overall cost of the project. For example, if you get 100 images and paid $1000, the cost was $10 per image. It is easier to plan a budget with such clear pricing in mind. 

Be sure to consider the entire cost of the project, including additional expenses like shipping, insurance, etc. Many clients focus on the estimate provided by photographers instead of overall product photography pricing, which can make things difficult. 

6. Understand Different Types of Photography

There are three primary types of photography in this category and they are product on white, creative in-studio, and lifestyle. Product on white is the most basic option but it is best not to underestimate its power. Big companies like Apple and Nike use product on white photography effectively to keep people’s attention focused on the item. 

The creative in-studio has a few interesting and relevant background elements to add a sense of dynamism to the image. It is a great way to showcase the purpose of the product while still maintaining the customer’s eye on the item. Lifestyle photography showcases the item in real-life conditions, helping customers understand how it is used. For example, you can show a camper using the tent you sell while on a trip to lifestyle photography. 

Product on white is the most affordable choice and lifestyle photography is the most expensive. Your product photography pricing will change based on the types of images you choose. 

7. Which is The Most Effective Photography Style for Your Audience?

In most cases, companies can benefit from all three styles. You can add multiple product on white images, a single creative in-studio, and a single lifestyle image to have the maximum impact. That will help you save money but also tell customers the full story. However, you can conduct some marketing research and testing to determine what kind of product images your prospective customers respond well to.  While carrying out such a survey may seem like a waste of time, the data collected can help you with all kinds of marketing campaigns for years to come. 

8. How Many Pictures Do You Need?

Consider how many images you need per product page before planning a budget. Experts recommend at least 3-5 images from different perspectives for the best results. Amazon allows sellers to upload eight product images and some business websites upload more than that. 

The more images you have, the more information you provide and that helps improve the conversion rate. 

Once you consider all of these factors, it will be easier to develop a budget. You can get a clear idea about the product photography pricing from a trustworthy local studio before coming up with a plan. It is also a good idea to discuss the budget with an expert to understand where you can afford to cut corners.

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