How to Learn to Apply Makeup, A Step By Step Guide

make up guide step by step

If you are new to makeup and don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We tell you how to learn to apply makeup with a step-by-step guide to explore the different techniques and styles. No prior knowledge is required. We put together a super easy tutorial to know what products you have to have at home to make up as an expert and which are the best brands combining price and quality.

How to learn to make up

Is not difficult. It is enough to know some techniques and tricks to learn how to make up from scratch . The key is to gather the necessary products and know how to use them. Although good products are not usually cheap, doing a good “market research” you can find very good opportunities. We tell you where to start.

Step by step makeup

The first step is to assemble a series of makeup accessories:

Brushes and brushes : They are very good to give more definition and neatness to your makeup, as well as allowing you to reach places that you would not reach with your fingers. The basic brushes that you can have are: a “fat” for the blush, a sponge or a “flat” brush for the base and one or two “pinito” brushes (round tip) for the eyes.

To complete your kit, you can add a brush tip girl to make up your eyebrows, a slightly wider boy brush tip “chanfleada” (cut diagonally) and snub to outline your eyes, a brush “pinito” to apply yourself the illumination of makeup and a small flat tip brush to apply the concealer. Some recommended brands to choose your brushes are Morphe and Fascino, both very good value for money, or MAC Cosmetics if you are looking for something more luxurious.

With these elements, we can now move on to the different makeup techniques and methods. We summarize some basic tips to start designing your beauty routine.

Day makeup

A daytime makeup is a natural makeup that enhances your beauty without being too loaded. In general, more neutral tones are used, such as browns and pinks, and their intention is to achieve makeup that, at first glance, seems simple. The objective is to find a resource that gives freshness to your face.

To achieve a basic daytime makeup we recommend having on hand: foundation, concealer one or two shades lighter than the foundation, colorless volatile powder, highlighter, shades in brown and gold tones, a pink blush or brown bronzer, mascara and a pink or nude lipstick or a gloss with a little shine.

  • Cleaning and hydration

First, clean your face with mi-cellar water or a facial toner. L’Oreal mi-cellar water is good without being expensive, as is Dove’s, which is perfect for hypoallergenic skin because it does not contain alcohol or perfume. Check this patches

It is very important to hydrate the face before starting because it will give the makeup a much fresher and brighter finish. Choosing options for hypoallergenic skin is important (those at La Roche-Po-say are great). Something important: be careful and do not apply these creams to the eye area because it will burn. If you want, there are also special creams for eye contour (area of ​​the eyelids and dark circles). We recommend Neutrogena’s.

Another good option are cucumber or collagen Purederm eye masks. You can let them work while you apply the other creams or also while you make up your eyes.

Also hydrate your lips with a cocoa butter or lip moisturizer.

  • How to make up your eyes

Putting on your eyes first gives you the advantage of being able to clean the dark circles area without risking damaging the concealer or the foundation. First apply a little foundation or concealer on the eyelids, covering them up to the eyebrows. This is done to neutralize skin color and to adhere eye shadow well.

Then take the “pinito” brush and apply a little “dulce de leche” brown shadow and mark the depth: the curved line that delimits the eyeball, that is, the mobile eyelid of the fixed eyelid. Vanish it by passing the pinito in circular movements.

Then paint the mobile eyelid with that same color. On the fixed eyelid, through the area near the eyebrows, a vanilla shadow passes and then blends it to integrate the two colors.

If you want to give a little more illumination to your eyes , you can add a golden tone that goes from the middle of the eye to the tear. And, if you want to give more definition to your look, you can apply a little chocolate brown to the vertex of the mobile eyelid, in the shape of a small triangle. Smooth everything with a clean pinito, making circular movements.

Apply black or brown mascara several times to achieve fuller lashes. If you have light eyelashes and you do not like to darken them, you can apply a transparent mask, which arches your eyelashes but does not ring them. Maybelline is a very good brand in terms of mascara and it also has quality and very accessible products.

When you are done with your eyes, clean the dark circles area to remove excess dust. You can do it with mi cellar water.

  • How to make up the eyebrows

It is a step that you can do or you can skip … It all depends on your tastes and the characteristics of your eyebrows. If you don’t want to paint them, you can at least comb them to be neat. Do it with an eyebrow brush or with a transparent mascara.

To make up the eyebrows you can use a small pointed brush, with which you can fill in the “holes” of the eyebrows using a matte shadow that is one or two shades lighter than the color of your eyebrows.

You can also get L’Oreal eyebrow liner, Paradise Pomade Extatic, and gently rub it over your brows to give them more definition.

  • Base and concealer

First, apply the foundation all over your face evenly, also painting part of the neck (so it doesn’t look like a makeup mask). It is not necessary to apply a large amount of product, but the skin is even and, the imperfections, hidden.

To choose a day base we recommend a lighter one with a bright finish. If you want to delve into the subject, know the types of base to choose the one that best suits you.

After applying foundation, add concealer. In the dark circles area, on the sides of the nostrils, on the pear and in the middle of the forehead in the shape of a funnel towards the nose. With the sponge or brush with which you applied the base you can blend the concealer so that it unifies with the base.

  • Lips

Make up your lips while you let the base dry. You can choose a pink tone or a gloss with shine to give freshness to your face. By day, you can also opt for a nude lipstick shade for something more discreet. A nude shade is one that resembles your skin, although you can find different shades.

  • Seal with powder

To achieve a more lasting makeup, we recommend sealing certain areas of your face with volatile powder. You should get a colorless one. Apply by gently tapping with a clean brush on the areas where you passed the concealer.

  • Blush: how to apply it

With a large brush apply pink blush or a brown bronzer to liven up your face. Do it from the cheek bone area towards the middle of the cheek. As the famous contouring technique recommends , if your face is round, pass the blush diagonally downward, pointing to the chin. This will refine your face.

  • Illuminator: make-up that shines

The illuminator gives an extra shine that is beautiful and natural. You can choose a powder highlighter, like the ones from MAC, or one on a stick, like those from Maybelline. Apply the product on the tear ducts, on the vertex under each eyebrow, in the area above the eyebrows and below the eyes in a “C” shape and on the chin.

You can also use a touch of highlighter on the tip of the nose, above the lips and in the lower area of ​​the subnasal sulcus (aka the gap between the nose and the lips).

Party Makeup

A night makeup can be more creative than a day makeup, as it does not necessarily have to look natural. This type of makeup often serves as a complement to lift a simpler outfit or to complement a spectacular look. Now we are going to tell you how to make a basic party makeup.

In the first step, to take care and hydrate your skin, it is done the same as in a day makeup (you can read it in the previous paragraphs).

  • How to make up your eyes

A typical eye makeup for a party is with daring and more striking shades than for a day style. It all depends on your clothing and your desire. If you dare to something more daring, the night is the moment.

To start, put concealer or foundation over your eyelids to neutralize color. Then, with a round brush, mark the depth with a slightly darker milk brown. Vanish it in circular motions.

Then I covered the mobile eyelid with that same color and applied a golden tone from the tear to the middle of the eye. Vanish again and then place black shadow on the end of your eyes, forming a triangle on the tip of the mobile eyelid. Vanish it.

With a finer brush, mix a little bit of black shadow with chocolate shadow and apply makeup to the bottom line of your eye on the outside (not the watermark, but the base of the eyelashes) until just before the tear. Brush over several times to achieve a uniform color.

Then pass a little vanilla shadow under the eyebrows and fade it. If you want to add shine to your eyes, you can use “pearls” or glitter and apply them to the mobile eyelid. They are divine!

Lastly, apply mascara several times, behind and in front of the lashes. And, if you want to achieve an even more intense look, outline your eyes in black before applying the mascara.

When finished, clean the area under the eyes to remove all that has fallen.

  • Eyebrows

The eyebrows are made up in the same way as in a day makeup. Remember that you must apply the product very gently to avoid leaving two dark and rigid lines.

  • Base and concealer

The foundation and concealer are applied in the same way as in a day makeup. The difference is that the base must be more “heavy” or covering. Your skin should look radiant and perfect because it is what defines good or bad makeup.

Cover the imperfections (granites or spots) with concealer before applying the base for better coverage.

  • How to paint your lips

When it comes to applying lipstick in an evening make-up, we must be as precise and verbose as possible, since when one does makeup with strong colors, imperfections are usually even more noticeable.

Outline your lips with a pencil the same color as your lipstick or similar. The edges first and then fill them. It will help the color last longer.

Then carefully apply the lipstick. If you overdo it, don’t worry: you can correct it with a small flat brush and a little foundation, covering the imperfections and giving a more neat shape to the contour of your lips.

Tip: if you want your lips to last even longer, put foundation on your lips before outlining them. And, if you eat or eat, clean yourself very gently with the napkin.

  • The rest

As for the application of the compact powder, the blush and the highlighter, everything is the same as in a day makeup, except for these small clarifications:

  • You can seal with volatile powder or apply a makeup fixer -such as Urban Decay’s All Nighter- so that your makeup is flawless all night long.
  • The blush can be a little darker or more marked than day makeup to accompany intense eyes with night makeup. Here we can leave the subtleties aside.
  • You can play with different shades of highlighter: more gold, orange, pinkish or silver. You choose!
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